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  4. Where is the best place for a young, single professional? - North Carolina Forum

In the offseason Wilmington dies down a bit to a non-tourist equilibrium. I'd hesitate to say that the year-round YSP community would necessarily have that "critical mass" I mentioned earlier. On the other hand, you are living right there on the water, which is a big plus during warmer months. Having just talked with the LA expat last night and living here, of course , I'd say ixnay on Winston-Salem. You might consider Greensboro or Asheville , but honestly I'd say be realistic with yourself and look hardest at the areas around Charlotte or Raleigh-those are where the most thriving YSP cultures are, and there are outlying communities that will give you that small-town feel you're looking for without sacrificing access to the commodities you probably would otherwise miss from LA.

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Trip Advisor does not accommodate relocation questions hence your post will probably be removed very soon but here are my 2 cents. Southern hospitality is grossly overrated. We travel all over the world and I did not experience anyone being nicer in the south than anywhere else. Some people are nice some not regardless where you go. We experienced fabulous hospitality in northeast, Far North, Southwest, all around this country and beyond. We formed some wonderful friendships in CA where we visit every spring. I suggest you visit NC for a week or two before making such a drastic move.

Maybe you should look at some small towns in CA. California has endless outdoor activities and many national parks. For outdoor enthusiasts CA offers much more than NC. Did you think about moving from LA to a small town in CA?

There are towns in CA with more affordable housing and less congested. You need to do plenty of research before relying on strangers to tell you where to move. If you think you're going to save lots of money on taxes by moving to NC try to compare. You didn't mention your profession but this could be an issue if you want to move to a smaller town regardless in what state.

My suggestion is to do very extensive research before making your final decision. Be prepared for culture shock when moving to the bible belt area and don't forget humidity during hot summers. I would say Asheville , Raleigh , Wilmington.

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  • Wilmington has the beach, if that is something you'd miss. Wilmington is not the best scene for dating, though.

    Its a harder place to get a job so the pickings of cute young singles becomes a little limited, but not non-existent. Raleigh seems to have a better dating scene with all of the college grads getting work straight out of school in the triangle. Asheville is totally different. It would be your mountain outdoors side.

    It has a bohemian vibe. There are a lot of skiiers, theres contradancing. Its just a totally different dynamic, but refreshing. Honestly, you really might like Charleston. I know its not NORTH carolina , but the vibe is very similar to Wilmington but a LOT bigger southern port town , and with those gorgeous houses around the battery, etc. There are a TON of young people there. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.

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    Hotels travelers are raving about...

    What are the most popular tours in North Carolina? Charlotte Comedy City Tour. Charlotte's Historical City Tour. Sugeestions for second year vist See All North Carolina Conversations. Best beach in NC? You can drive up and visit before committing. Or visit Raleigh, that's a six hour drive. Mar 27, 4. If you say "down there" one more fucking time. Mar 27, 5. Mar 27, 6. Mar 27, 7. StayMadBishes What's so bad about the dating scene here? It is not that bad at all.

    Where is the best place for a young, single professional? - North Carolina Forum - TripAdvisor

    Plenty of people down here. It never ceases to amaze me how many fine black women are in this city. Mar 27, 8. What part are you thinking of moving to?? Raleigh, will give you the better job market Durham is the most hood In any of those cities you will be OK job wise And there isn't so much of a DL men problem, like in atl Do you own your own business or are you looking to be employed? Mar 27, 9. He's always exposing people's husbands, baby fathers etc in North Carolina.

    Mar 27, Do not do it. Job market is terrible. Just do not do it. Mar 28, Mar 29, Charlotte has horrible traffic and is starting to get pretty expensive. I think black-owned businesses do better in Raleigh anyways.

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    I currently live in Greensboro, NC. Do not move to Greensboro It has a lot of universities but outside of campus life, things are dead. I am from the DMV area so it was a big change. I lived in Raleigh for two years and it was nice! I am actually moving to Charlotte in a few months, its much bigger and better.

    Where is the best place for a young, single professional? - North Carolina Forum

    Oh and the Raleigh airport since the RTP area is there, tons of business men are always there. Its like a mini NYC.