Dating glass milk bottles

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  1. Dating borden milk bottles
  2. Antique Milk Bottles
  3. Dating borden milk bottles
  4. Where to Buy and Sell Milk Bottles

There are a few ways to know you have a reproduction. Because they were so common only a few decades ago, milk bottles are still very easy to find in antique stores, at flea markets, and even at garage sales. However, if you're a collector looking for a specific style or era, you may have better luck buying or selling a bottle on the Internet. The following retailers are a good place to start your search:.

Before you buy or sell a milk bottle, it helps to know how much it's worth. Assigning value to your bottle isn't an exact science, but it's important to get some sense of the price it should fetch.

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Dating borden milk bottles

This process can help. Check the bottle's condition. Chips and cracks will greatly reduce your bottle's value, as will excessive wear from rattling in the milk case. However, all used milk bottles will show some scratches.

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See if you have a rare bottle. Unfortunately, rare bottles are vulnerable to reproduction, but authentic pieces can fetch top dollar. So provided your aftermarket rear valance allows the retention of the stock under-diffuser panel, it can accomodate the Difflow diffuser.

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If you are in the market for an aftermarket diffuser, get a Difflow. The alignment of all the holes was better than factory.

Antique Milk Bottles

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Dating borden milk bottles

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Where to Buy and Sell Milk Bottles

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Retired dairy worker has massive collection of milk bottles

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